Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Recipients of the Dr.Rana International Parkinson’s Community Service Award for the Year 2016

World Parkinson's Program Announces Names of the Recipients of the Dr.Rana International Parkinson’s Community Service Award for the Year 2016

Announced on World Parkinson’s Day, April 11, 2017, 


1.      Anthony Chambers, Medical Assistant, Neurology, San Antonio, Texas, USA

2.      Dr. Robert Wilcox , Associate Professor and Consultant Neurologist, Flinders Medical Centre, Bedford Park, Adelaide, Australia 

World Parkinson’s Program announces the names of two recipients for the Dr. Rana International Parkinson’s Community Service Award for the year 2016. World Parkinson's Program highly appreciates the passion of these inspiring individuals to improve the lives of those struggling with Parkinson’s. The spirit and dedication of World Parkinson’s Program to make medical treatment of Parkinson's disease available for every single individual affected with Parkinson's in every part of the world continues through the efforts of such front-runners.  Join us in congratulating the recipients of this prestigious award.   

World Parkinson's Program is a Canadian based global charitable organization which provides medications, walking aids, educational literature in more than 20 languages, and other supportive services to Parkinson's patients in order to improve their lives every single day. These services aid the daily needs of every person affected with Parkinson's and we strive to improve the “TODAY" of every individual fighting this debilitating disease around the globe. Dr. Rana International Parkinson’s Community Service Award is given yearly to a maximum of three  individuals nominated globally. As our tradition, the name of this year's Recipients of Dr. Rana International Parkinson’s Community Service Award were announced by Gwyn Vernon, a 2015 Award Recipient. 

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